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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
To keep eggs at their
freshest you should store
them pointy end facing
downwards. This is because
the ‘blunt’ end has an air
pocket which will try to
rise up towards the yolk,
therefore drying it out,
if stored pointy end up.
The winner of last issue’s Golden Egg
competition was
Christine Puckering
bagged herself some gorgeous chicken
kitchen products and she’s already told
us how much she’s enjoying them! We’ve
got a real tasty treat this time …find the egg
hidden among these pages and you could
win a copy of Jamie Oliver’s latest book,
5 Ingredients. Trust us, it’s a good 'un!
To enter, simply email
the title Golden Egg Competition,
letting us knowwhich page you’ve
found the Golden Egg on.
The competition closes on
30 November, 2017.
Find the
Golden Egg
Did you
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