Page 11 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Those of us who keep hens know exactly where they’ve come from, what’s been put
into them and just how good the welfare is. That’s not the case for the majority of the
egg-eating public though, and finding their way through the maze of egg box labels,
and even the stamps on the eggs themselves, has always been of a bit of chore.
That’s why the National Farmers Union and British Free Range Egg Producers
Association have produced a leaflet encouraging consumers to buy British eggs. The
leaflet includes an analysis of the egg stamp, rules and regulations on egg labelling,
explanations of the different egg production systems and a description of some of the
voluntary assurance schemes to look out for.
The leaflet also highlights how UK farmers have invested in higher welfare systems
and how under the National Control
Programme, all UK farms over 350
birds are salmonella tested.
You can download a copy of the
leaflet here: