Page 15 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Karen Gardner ran in the BUPA
k for us which took place on
May 2012 and raised
£300. The course took place in
central London along part of the
official Olympic marathons route.
Well done Karen!
Sian Thorpe and Anna Frakes took part in
the 2012 Great Midlands Fun Run on 10
June raising £320 between them. They
ran dressed as a chicken and an egg;
Sian’s Mum kindly made their costumes.
And for those of you who are wondering
what came first? …The chicken just beat
the egg (but only because the egg got
overtaken by a leprechaun in the last few
And a special thanks to Sue & Malcolm from the Primrose Trust for their continuing
generosity and to David Cox who gives so generously every month and even
presented me with a very special Jubilee Award he created for those who help
animals in need. The level of kindness we see on a daily basis has to be good for
the soul ...
thank you
to everyone.
Thank you!
Emma Addis is our youngest Good
Egg to feature in this issue of
Chicken & Egg
Emma raised a
whopping £300 by swimming a whole
mile! Emma loves chickens and has
four of her own. One day she would
like to have her own farm where she
can look after more