Page 17 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Need a good excuse to go shopping?
Whether it’s a treat for yourself or you are
starting your Christmas shopping, you can
raise funds while you shop! Here’s how:
So far this year over £750 has been raised by supporters
who have registered us to benefit from eBay sales.
Anyone can donate to charity when they sell on eBay and
you can choose to donate between 10% or 100% of each
item’s sale price. For more information on how it works
please visit the eBay website on
Give as You Live
Give as You Live is a shopping app that you can
download at the click of a button which means that every
time you shop online a percentage of the total sale is
donated to your favourite charity at no cost to you. Most
major retailers are now signed up. If you would like
further information, please visit our website for more
details of how to download the app.
Calling all Waitrose shoppers!
Waitrose run a scheme to support charities called
Community Matters
where shoppers can vote for their
favorite charity using a green token issued at the
If you live near a Waitrose please nominate us by
speaking to a member of staff next time you go shopping.
Laura McCulloch from Hampshire did just that and the
Winchester store put us forward for the month of June –
as a result we were sent a cheque for £225. Thank you
Laura and all the Waitrose shoppers in Winchester who
voted for us!
raise funds for the British
Hen Welfare Trust
by Poppy Melchior