Page 25 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Poultry farming has been in the Tulip family for over 60 years, starting with great
grandfather George, grandfather George, father George, and the current generation, wait
for it........ Stephen and Richard.
The family first became involved in farming during the second world war when great
grandfather George worked for the council, advising and helping local people to set up
chicken coops in their back gardens so they could have their own eggs, and this is where
the family`s love of poultry began.
After the war and with work scarce, grandfather George moved to Surrey where he found
a job on a chicken farm, eventually becoming Farm Manager. He met his future wife,
had three children and then moved back to Newcastle where he started his own poultry
business in 1951. From that day to this, the business has continued to grow, and they
now farm 600 acres in the beautiful Derwent Valley.
The family now employs 40 people and keeps many thousands of birds, as well as
cattle, sheep and horses, and the fourth generation of Tulips, Stephen and Richard, keep
everything in order.
Derwent Valley Free Range eggs, accredited by the
RSPCA Freedom Food scheme, are delivered all over
the North East of England by their own fleet of delivery
vehicles and they supply supermarket chains, corner
shops, hospitals, local authorities, hotels and
The only question that remains is: will the fifth
generation continue the line of poultry farmers and will
there be another George Tulip?! And the answer to
that is YES! James
Tulip, ‘Jamie’, born 11
September 2011!