Page 27 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

A big thank you to Just for
Pets at Hartcliffe in Bristol
for inviting BHWT along to
host a
Free Range Friday
event in store. The event
was very popular with Just
for Pets customers who
enjoyed not only the cakes
but the opportunity to
meet Coco, Pearl and
Chloe, the chickens. Thanks,
too, must go to our own
Debs Perkins, volunteer
Julie, their families and store
staff who baked delicious
cakes and goodies for the
event and raised a £55 for
our girls.
Charlotte Miles is a
re-homer with 5 ex-bats.
Her girls were kept busy
producing eggs for the
Free Range Friday
that Charlotte served up at
the event she had
organized to celebrate a
move to new offices in
London. With the aid of
her colleagues at We Are
Friday she raised just over
A big thank you to Coral Brand for all her hard work in organising a get-together at her home.
She was a very busy lady with 33 guests and between them they raised £110!
So whether it’s at your workplace, school or home, Please join us in organizing a
Free Range
Free Range Fridays take place on the first Friday of each month: Please join us for our next
Free Range Friday on Friday 2nd November. Email
or call
01884 860084
to request a free fundraising pack.
And remember you can follow us on Twitter@BHWTOfficial and
freerangefriday to help spread the word.
Just for Pets store manager Dan Whitton with Coco the chicken
and staff