Page 31 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Fresh Bed for Chickens is a new product from Dengie
designed to keep your hens feeling warm and cosy.
Developed in association with the British Hen Welfare
Trust, Fresh Bed is a chopped straw bedding with pine
oil added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
So why use pine oil?
Katie Williams of Dengie explains, “I had heard about the
natural properties of pine oil and thought that it would be
the ideal way of making the bedding fresh and inviting for the hens to snuggle into”.
Pine oil is distilled from the sap of pine trees and is often sourced from trees used in the
paper production industry. This means it is part of a tightly regulated forest regeneration
programme and reduces waste by maximising the use of the resources available. You
won’t be surprised to know that it is used in lots of household products for its natural
antibacterial properties and pleasant aroma.
It was also important that once the bedding had been used it could be composted safely
as we know that many hen owners grow their own fruit and vegetables too and would
want to make use of the bedding as a valuable addition to their compost” adds Katie.
The straw used in Fresh Bed is sourced from the UK and is dust-extracted before being
mixed with the pine oil.
Tried and Tested!
Fresh Bed for Chickens has been extensively tested by hen owners including the BHWT
and has also found its way into the beds of other species too. Rather amusingly, one of
our greedier horses actually ate the Fresh Bed which although is not quite what we
intended, it does serve to demonstrate how safe it is!
Supporting the British Hen Welfare Trust
As part of its commitment to supporting the British Hen Welfare Trust, Dengie will donate
£1,000 to the charity, raised through sales of Fresh Bed for Chickens over the next year.
We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Dengie and to have been
involved in the early stages of this project,” said Poppy Melchior, of the British Hen
Welfare Trust. “We are delighted that some of the proceeds from sales will help towards
our work in re-homing commercial laying hens.”
Facts and Figures
Fresh Bed for Chickens should last three to five hens about three weeks. It is available
in 100-litre bags, with an RRP of £8.75 +VAT and can be bought exclusively either
through the British Hen Welfare Trust website
or at selected
Countrywide stores. For more information please call 0845 345 5115.