Page 33 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Ronda & Richard Morritt run our Yorkshire hen
collection point from their home in Sand Hutton,
near York. They have an arable farm growing 14
acres of best quality English asparagus, 5 acres
of strawberries and 2 acres of raspberries.
Ronda has 12 hens as well as 2 dogs, Zebedee and
Morticia. Ronda’s love of hens began when she
wanted to get some ex battery hens for her children
for Christmas. When she realised that there wasn't a
collection point in Yorkshire and collected her first
battery girls from Lancashire, her mind started
thinking "I could be the collection point for
Yorkshire!" She wanted to help commercial hens
and got in touch with the BHWT in January 2010.
Since then Ronda and Richard have saved the lives
of just under 5,000 ex-bats, and we have received
plentiful feedback about how well they run their hen
collection days: with military precision and great
Of course, they have
help – Ronda’s strapping
team of Polish and
Romanian asparagus
pickers are usually on
hand to unload crates full
of hens, and others in
the team include Mandy
Bush, Louise Stott,
Jayne and Ceri Pick,
Carol Irving and Fiona
Wilson to name just a
few of the brilliant
We are grateful to all
our Co-ordinators, who
work so hard to help
so many hens onto a
lovely retirement. So
thank you Ronda ...
and team."