Page 38 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

The weekend coop clean – yours truly or him indoors?
In the old days it was me, then Callum for some extra pocket money, but now
he has taken this on, so now I only clean them out if he is away for some reason,
or is having a serious homework crisis!
I am generally up second, 6am-ish during the week, so I let them out. If I’m
away it is usually Callum who does it. In the evenings, mostly Callum, but on
occasion Alice or I will do the honours. Whenever we can, they are allowed out
of the run, because although it is really big and with plenty of places to go,
even trees to fly up into, a bit of field has a lot of appeal too! So we roll out a
temporary net ‘fence’ and they go large-area free range. But as foxes are
plentiful around here, and as several of the ex-free range girls are fully qualified
at vertical take-off, shed climbing, mountaineering and road-running, we only
do this when at least one of us is outside…….
Your precious garden – hen-free or hen-pecked?
Whatever fencing we use, there are a couple who simply cannot be doing with
being fenced in anywhere and will turn up in the house, down the drive and
anywhere in the garden. I try to keep them out of the veg-growing areas for
much of the year, though they will be invited in soon for a good grub, slug and
snail forage once most of the crops are gone; on occasion they get in anyway
and excavate the carrot beds or the newly planted raspberry canes….but our
garden is a family garden and they are family!
Favourite eggy brekkie – full English or dainty egg soldiers?..
Love hens, but I’m afraid I couldn’t face an egg for breakfast! I’m a muesli and
fruit woman before midday!
Pippa Greenwood