Page 39 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

The British Hen Welfare Trust— mother hen or cock of the roost?
Just plain fantastic, I admire you all so much for what you do. So very much. I
have to admit that, despite my brilliant upbringing as far as animal welfare is
concerned, I was still naïve to some of the things I now know about, and that is
thanks to having met the British Hen Welfare Trust people earlier this year. I
came home and found out more.
We have also had two really useful chats with the British Hen Welfare Trust
helpline and even at just 14 years old, Callum was treated as a caring, thinking
adult when he called one day when I was at work. I just wish more people
knew about you and what you do, I am possibly about to be branded a British
Hen Welfare Trust awareness bore, but I cannot help it ! In my work, I meet a lot
of people with an interest in gardens…and nowadays also in hens…and if they
talk about wanting hens, they are never let away without the suggestion that
they should choose BHWT. The whole family is on the case, but the one with the
old trade bike loaded with eggs, photos of our ex-caged girls, and examples of
misleading egg-boxes, is particularly hard to ignore!
Weekend bake - gooey gateau or cheesy quiche?
I’ve never bought a caged egg. I’m a great fan of what I call ‘hidden’ eggs!
The children and I love cooking and yes, often with eggs – lots of cakes and
waffles, and souffles.
British farmers – good eggs or bad eggs?
I support British farmers, but we do try to grow as much of our own veg
and fruit as possible.
Guilty pleasure - Creme egg or fried egg?
YUCK! Can’t stand either!!
Finally, if you could choose any
celebrity to pop round one after-
noon and do a bit of weeding for
you, who would it be and why?!
Probably Alan Titchmarsh, after all,
it’d be good to know that he’d
know what to weed and what not
to weed……and the hens could
then go in for the chafer grubs,
slugs, snails and leatherjackets that
needed removing too!
Callum free ranging with the girls.