Page 41 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

By Richard Jackson MRCVS
Predator Mites
Congratulations must also
go to Russells Garden
Centre which is celebrating
its third year as a Gold
Eggsellence Award winner.
The business, run by the
Phillips family, is well
known locally as a coastal
garden specialist but also
for its award winning
licensed restaurant. A busy
team of chefs and
patissiers offer a tempting
menu using seasonal
produce of the highest quality and wherever possible the ingredients they use are
organic and free range and delivered daily by small independent local suppliers.
When the centre was first awarded its Eggsellence status, the family’s free range
chickens used to roam around the centre keeping it free of bugs and producing all the
eggs for the restaurant. But as the restaurant became more popular, the chickens
couldn’t keep up with demand and now eggs are supplied by a local free range organic
flock in nearby Flansham. However, visitors to the centre will still find the odd chicken
wandering around. Pictured here with Amelia (daughter of the centre’s owner)
is Petal
who was hand reared by Amelia after the mother hen rejected her chicks at birth. Petal is
very tame and is loved by the customers. Petal wanders freely around the garden centre
although is not usually permitted into the deli (only for photo shoots!)
If you would like to nominate an eating establishment near you please contact
Rachel by emailing
T & Cake
Russells Garden Centre