Page 53 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

All of the hens that Ruth nurses back to
health are special, but some more so than
Highness was such a character even
when she was blind. She adored food and
would tap her feet when she wanted me to
feed her or dip her beak into the water for
a drink. A large abscess in the roof of her
mouth meant she couldn't close her beak
properly but even that didn't stop her from
eating. After having surgery she was able
to see and from then on there was no
stopping her! She had a very regal air,
held her head up high and positively
swaggered around, exercising her
territorial rights in the poorly enclosure,
bossing the others and supervising
the feeding bowls with great enthusiasm
and diligence."
We are extremely grateful to all our poorly
carers across the country, without whom
some hens would not enjoy the second
chance they were given when we
collected them from the farms. You can
see the results of their patience and
commitment shown here in Highness; they
quite literally make the world of difference
to those they help.
Mike Burrows relaxing
with the girls
Highness - before and after