Page 56 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Our postbag is plump every week with your lovely newsy
stories, photos and feedback. Here are just a few:
Dear Jo,
You are very welcome, just
the proceeds of eggs sales at
Yes we still have the Girls,
they are completely free range
and appear to be very
contented judging by the lack
of plants in the garden. As so
often happens we have
become addicted, and now have over twenty but yours are still very much in charge.
Unfortunately we lost one to a respiratory infection after about 6 months. Bella is
buried in the garden, a small ceremony, the others were at the grave side (it is of
course impossible to dig a hole without a chicken looking into it)
Best regards,
Hi Lisa,
Please find attached a picture of
my hen Henrietta who I rehomed
from you 8/5/2011 in Brackley.
She was wandering around the
kitchen and decided to try and
hop in the oven. I think she
knows I'm a vegan lol.
Lynsey Rankin
Having written to Andy
to thank him for his kind
donation we received
the this reply...