Page 57 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Hi Wendy,
I hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly. I have attached a picture of the 5 girls we
rescued on 23
July from Oswestry – Audrey, Rita, Emily, Rosie and Charlotte. I wondered
if you might be able to use them in your publications or on your collection van even??!! – that
would be great!
They are thriving despite Rosie a few weeks ago being affected by a virus which semi
paralysed her wing and leg. Pleased to say that after trip to vet and 6 days of TLC in the
kitchen she has fully recovered and was returned to the rest of the girls a couple of weeks ago
who threw her an earwig in welcome!!! She started to pick up very quickly whilst in the
kitchen and really developed her
confidence to the point I truly
understand the term hen-pecked,
as whenever I was in there Nosey
Rosie was very keen to get
involved in whatever I was
doing! I feel fully fledged
eggcentric now to have had a hen
on my kitchen bar stool and am
delighted. Our love for these
darling girls grows daily. I love
all our many pets and the hens
are truly the icing on the
free-range cake.
Best wishes,
I collected three hens from your Cranleigh site last
week, and wanted to write to you with a couple of
The hens are doing well and I adore them
already. They’ve settled in brilliantly.
I wanted to say what a well run operation it
was. The day was so efficiently run, from the
excellent directions to the speed with which I
collected my hens and was out again. I wanted
to congratulate you.
I wanted to pass something on. Knowing how
traumatic the whole re-homing thing can be for
the girls, I put Rescue Remedy in their water
the night I got them home. They surged out the
following morning with not a trace of nerves.
On a previous occasion, not your hens, I was given a hen who was so stressed that I thought
she was dying. She couldn’t stand or hold her head up
or open her eyes. A gulp of rescue remedy and half a day later she was up on
her feet and exploring. It works a treat. (I keep a bottle of dilute remedy in
my kitchen for animal emergencies!)
Thank you again. I’m enjoying my girls! Jackie