Page 7 - British Hen Welfare Trust - Chicken & Egg Issue 3

Find the Golden Egg!
The first
Golden Egg
winner is Susan Grice and we’ll be sending
her a tub of Nature’s Grub treats for her lucky hens. This time we’re
making it a bit harder though ... the golden egg will be nestling
somewhere and if you can find it, we’ll send you a British Hen Welfare Trust
baseball cap.
Simply email us at
titling your email
GOLDEN EGG, tell us which page it’s on and we’ll give a baseball cap to one
randomly selected lucky winner.
Take a box of Eggs
Research carried out by YouGov earlier this
year has shown that 35% of 18-24 yr olds have
never poached an egg and just over one in five
has never made an omelette! Just think what
they’re missing out on. What’s worse is that
have never scrambled or fried an egg, and
have never boiled one!!
To help prevent a whole generation from
missing out on the pleasures of eating eggs in
the most simple of forms, a new cookbook has
just been launched by the Dairy Cookbook
series and we have six copies to give away.
Simply send an email titled TAKE A BOX OF
etting us
know why your household would benefit from a
copy; we’ll chose the 6 most amusing and
original responses as winners
Posh Birds
Free range duck eggs and free to
fly quail eggs are now available
to buy in some Tesco stores.
The duck eggs are heralded as
brilliant for breakfast’, whilst the
quail eggs are flaunted as
sensational in salads. Both come
with excellent welfare credentials,
being part of the happy egg co. flock of
brand names and offering free range
living to the birds.