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Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for letting me know. We are so happy for
my brave little Pikelet! When is it ok for me to tell people,
please can you let me know, as I am bursting with pride!!! Bless
her she has gone from 'prison' to 'pin-up' and I know what I will
be buying all my relatives for Xmas now.
Thank you again for choosing Pikelet.
Kind Regards Helen & Jonathan Marshall
Pikelet and Pootle
Hi Lisa,
OMG !! That's brilliant news... I'm so looking fwd to Buttercup
being a little star!! And to get Miss January is absolutely
fantastic! Thank you so much for considering my application
and letting me know so soon. I'll look forward to getting the calendar and seeing my picture in print.
Also, I am so happy to get a bonus prize of some lovely Christmas Cards - thank you so much.
Shrieks and happiness...
Best regards, Alison Whyatt
We had a wonderful response to our 2013 Calendar
Competition as usual...BHWT supporters are a talented bunch!
So CONGRATULATIONS to our winners who will be
receiving a copy of the Calendar and a pack of BHWT
Christmas cards as prizes.
To order your Calendar visit the BHWT Shop at
We could not resist including a few of the lovely emails we
received when they found out:
Alison Whyatt
Helen Marshall
Derek Rustell
Tanya Pedersen
Alison McQuaile
Judi Bywater
Hi Lisa,
Fantastic news. This is Nancy the Third (we ALWAYS have to have a Nancy in the flock!). She has
been with us for 2 weeks and is already asserting herself - in the photo she was hunting bees! Nancy
will be most proud to be Miss June. Loving the magazine, it's so full of great info, stories and photos.
I think lots of publications could learn a lot from looking at it! All the best
Alison ( I should also say that Nancy hen is my daughter Chaia's hen really )
Vaughan Ives
Donna Condliffe
Jules Walker
Jane Osbourne
Vanessa Winwood (who won twice!)
The winners