Hen collection days are
long and can involve a
crack of dawn’ start.
Co-ordinators supervise the team
throughout, allocating tasks at the
farm to ensure the hens are loaded
efficiently and delivered safely to the
host site. The lucky girls will be
unloaded into a secure, sheltered
environment, fed and watered and
checked for health problems. The Co-
ordinator will then take charge of the
adoption process, ensuring excited
re-homers are given a memorable
experience in adopting their hens.
The atmosphere can sometimes
Lancashire Co-ordinator, Adele Hall,
told me:
I have always been an
animal lover and being a
Co-ordinator for BHWT has added
another dimension to my normal work
schedule within our insurance
business. Whilst hen collection days
require a lot of energy and
organisation, there is an enormous
feeling of satisfaction watching the
hens you collected from the farmer in
the morning going off with happy
re-homers the same day. There is the
added benefit of also working with a
great team of like-minded people
who have also become firm friends
Ever thought of joining the army? Our hen collections have often
been compared to military operations involving dozens of volunteers.
But what does a Co-ordinator do and what motivates someone to
Co-ordinators are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a hen
collection: contacting team members, organising host sites and
preparing equipment for the day. Some Co-ordinators host hen
collections at home whilst others use local farm shops, animal
centres or stables.
This is what our Somerset Co-ordinator,
Hayley Spencer, says about being a
As a busy full time Mum
to very young children I thoroughly
enjoy the time I spend as Co-
ordinator, for me it is a break from the
norm of everyday life being involved
in something I am so passionate
about. Our venue is the beautiful farm
shop, Farringtons, who make us &
re-homers truly welcome and have
the facilities to make our hen
collections a huge success! Myself &
the other team members have a habit
of "falling in love" with every hen
which can be a bit tricky, but when
we see the lovely homes they go to, it
gives us a warm satisfaction that
we’ve helped to make it happen. My
role is hugely important to me & I am
always "itching" for the next one to
come around! To sum it all up - I love
seeing these gorgeous ladies being
given a chance to experience what
it’s like to be a real chicken, to have a
chance to feel the sun on their backs,
to smell fresh air & be able to scratch
dirt or peck for a worm & I’m
honoured to be a part of it!”