od Eggs (RS)
Chicken Rescue at
Castle Academy
Eight lucky ‘girls’ from a
Coventry farm went to a
new loving home on
December. That
new home is Castle
Manor Academy in
Haverhill, Suffolk and the
girls are part of a kitchen
garden project at the
school funded by Suffolk
Acre, Petco and R W
Taylor. Students Amy
Timbrell (right) and
Courtney Clark, plus
teacher Mrs Baldwin, are
the main chicken carers.
An additional 20 students are involved with the
chicken rota which includes feeding, cleaning out
and collecting the eggs. The aim of the project is to
teach the students to be responsible for a pet and
they have already been well rewarded by their new
free rangers with eggs which the catering students
are turning into yummy food! We look forward to
hearing more about the further adventures of Atila
the Hen, Popcorn, Eggwena Curry, Peck-asso,
Chicktoria Beckham, Eggy Murphy, Sam and Ella.
Sara & David Crawford
recently celebrated their
Anniversary. Instead of
gifts they asked their
family and friends to make
donations to BHWT and
raised £150! Thank you
Freya Burdge (8) and her friend, Martha
Enticott (9), are two very enterprising young
ladies. In August they arranged a free range
egg sale on the driveway of Martha’s house.
They created their own publicity leaflets and
sold the eggs in brightly decorated boxes.
Together they raised
an impressive £51.50
for the charity!
Amy Timbrell (right) and Courtney Clark,