I notice you serve ethically sourced coffee from Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance sources
and would be interested to hear more about this initiative. Is it a globally applied policy?
Yes, the coffee is available on flights globally. This initiative links back to our investment in
Why does airline food generally have such a poor reputation? What are the issues?
It’s a challenging environment that we work in. Often, we have a lot of customers to serve
in a very small space. However, British Airways invests in quality ingredients, developing
innovative new processes and designing delicious menus. As a result we have received
positive feedback from many of our customers as well as awards for service.
The British Hen Welfare Trust is lucky to have Jamie Oliver and Antony Worrall
Thompson amongst its patrons. How has your collaboration with British chef Heston
Blumenthal helped British Airways?
Heston Blumenthal worked with us on a couple of projects including working as a mentor
during the Olympics to create a new onboard menu. As a food scientist, Heston helped
challenge our thinking. Since we worked with him we’ve invested heavily in researching
what works well in the air.
How many breakfasts does BA serve up each year? Approximately how many eggs
does the airline use?
At British Airways we use 3.5 million eggs a year to provide hot breakfasts out of London
And finally, I would love to know a little more about you and ask a couple of personal
questions if I may. Do you like hens and would you ever consider keeping hens as pets?!
I would love to have a house in the country which would afford me the space to rear
animals, sadly I live in an urban flat and I’m sure the British Hen Welfare Trust would have
something to say if I tried to keep them on my balcony!
And what is your favourite in-flight egg based meal?
Twice baked cheese soufflé!
Photo: Christopher Parypa / Shutterstock.com