Making a Will is the only way you can be sure that the assets and money you leave
behind benefit the people and causes that really matter to you. So when you are
spring cleaning your attic, garage or spare room – how about adding one more
thing to the list – getting your house in order on paper too.
Whilst it is a difficult subject to discuss, having a Will provides the security of knowing
that your loved ones have been looked after, and potentially, spared a lot of
inconvenience and worry in the future.
Once you have looked after friends and family, a worthwhile way to make a lasting
difference to your favourite charity could be through a donation or gift left in your
Will. For example, a pecuniary gift (a sum of money), a residual legacy (all or part
of the value of your estate) or a gift such as a piece of jewellery can be
bequeathed. There can also be important tax benefits in donating to charity in
your Will.
However, it is important, if you do decide to leave a Will, to enlist the help of a
solicitor. In 2012 we teamed up with Hatcher’s solicitors in Shrewsbury who raised
funds by taking part in a
Three Peaks challenge
in Yorkshire when they raised over
£800 for us. We were delighted to work with Hatcher’s and one of their solicitors,
Vanessa Jones, who specialises in Wills & Probate has kindly provided the following
advice on the tax advantages of having a Will in place that benefits a charity;
Gifts you make to a 'qualifying' charity such as BHWT - during your lifetime or in your
Will - will be exempt from Inheritance Tax. In addition, HMRC have recently
introduced a reduced rate of inheritance tax for individuals who have taxable
estates but who choose to leave 10 per cent of their estate to charity in their Will.
To ensure that a taxable estate will always be able to benefit from the reduced
rate, it is important to ensure your Will is carefully drafted as the provisions relating to
this additional relief are quite complex. Your solicitor will have the specialist
knowledge to assist you with this.’
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