Production method labelling for all foods
containing animal products has now
become a major campaign for international
animal welfare organisations through the
launch of ‘Labelling Matters’ campaign, a
partnership between Compassion in World
Farming, Royal Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals, Soil Association and
the World Society for the Protection of
Improving consumer choice by offering
production method labelling will see more
consumers demonstrating a preference for
higher welfare multi-ingredient foods,
leading to processing companies
purchasing eggs from higher welfare
systems and enabling UK producers to
recoup the extra cost of producing higher
welfare products.
In 2013 we will continue to build on the
political support we have generated so far
and push for the enactment of legislation
at a European level. But the campaign
support. We still need your
help to gain further support from
politicians in the UK (MPs & MSPs) and
Europe (MEPs) to adopt production
method labelling for foods with egg as an
Please visit the campaign
page on our website for more
information about how you can get
/ 21