26. & 27.
In the last issue of
Chicken & Egg
Philippa Forrester encouraged supporters to join her in
Free Range Friday
We were inundated with requests for
Free Range Friday
fundraising packs and send a huge thank you to all of you who have worked so hard to
organise a
Free Range Friday
Not to be outdone on the arty front, Laura
McCulloch produced some amazing ‘cake pops’
which proved to be very popular with her fellow
office workers. Laura, who is a much
appreciated member of our Hampshire
re-homing team, organised her
Free Range
at work and in a very short space of
time raised £122.47. With Gift Aid this was
boosted to over £150! Thanks Laura and
The prize for the most guests at any
Free Range Friday
to date must go to Jackie Nayler in
Martlesham whose 75 guests attended a
Free Range Friday
Bring and Buy Sale at her farm.
Luckily the sun shone on the day as they might not all have fitted inside the house! Thank you
to Jackie and guests who raised a whopping £365!!
And what an artistic bunch of supporters you are!
Just look at the very apt ‘Fried Egg’ cupcake. It’s
looking a bit lonely in the box because all of the
other cakes were snapped up before there was a
chance to take a photo! Di and her husband at
DiVersity Creative Marketing Agency held an
event for their staff which raised £43.41 and Di and
hubby VERY generously more than doubled the
donation to £100. Thank you everyone at