And now meet Team BHWT Suffolk
by Lesley Austin, Co-ordinator
I have always loved chickens right from about 5yrs old
when my Dad allowed me to name one of the farm
hens; I called her Matilda and she used to sit on the
swing with me. A fox attacked her one night and she
almost died, but I cared for her and bathed her
wounds, and amazingly she survived the ordeal. From
then I was addicted to these endearing little creatures.
I adored my first two hens: Edna and Mavis, and as
they got older I wanted to take on some rescue hens,
so I contacted Jean Gill (BHWT Essex) and promptly
volunteered to join the team. The rest is history!
I was hooked on BHWT hen collections and when an
opportunity came up to form a Suffolk team I jumped at the chance.
I now have a fabulous line-up of helpers: Rachel who handles paperwork, Derek who
transports the hens, Mark (teaboy) & Christine, Kim who cares for poorlies, Katie, April,
Alicia, Ed, Annabel, Amy and newbies, Jan and Matt. I am so proud of our team, we all
have a role to play ensuring
the day runs smoothly and
when it is over we are
usually covered in hen poo,
full of cakes and whacked,
but we don't care as long as
the feathered ladies have
gone to lovely new homes!
Here’s to many more
rescues in 2013!
Lesley and Kim
with ‘poorly’ Thistle
Team Suffolk:
Rachel, Annabel, Amy,
Edward, Katie and Mark
Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm
is in the middle of the beautiful county
of Suffolk in Eastern England.
Sitting in fifty acres of beautiful countryside with woods and wilderness areas providing
shelter for wildlife, Baylham are dedicated to the breeding of traditional varieties of
livestock and provide the animals with a stress - free environment, comfortable living
conditions, food and water.
In 2012 Baylham very kindly offered to let us use their stunning venue for our hen
collections, and owners, Neil and Christine, have been nothing other than kind and
welcoming. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them for their
generous hospitality and for their part in helping to send so many lucky hens on their way
to a free range life.