The British Hen Welfare Trust—
mother hen or cock of the roost?
The first ‘rescue’ birds we had
actually came from a farmer near
our home in Monmouthshire. A real
softy, he used to keep the slightly
wonky birds that were being
hen-pecked by his big commercial
flock. But eventually he needed to
get rid of them, so we took them on,
and apart from a couple that Mr Fox
got, they’re all doing fine. But then I
heard about the work that the BHWT
were doing and got in touch with
them. I was inspired by the energy
and commitment of the people I
spoke to and decided instantly that
I’d like to support their work. So I
collected my first batch of ex-bats
at the very glamorous Cardiff Ser-
vices car park, and now we’ve
started doing BHWT re-homing days
from our farm just outside Mon-
mouth. The first day was a great
success, and we’re looking forward
to working even more closely with
them in the future.
Weekend bake - gooey gateau or cheesy quiche?
I’m definitely a savoury kind of girl – I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth,
luckily. I’m also not a huge baker of cakes or pies, but once in a while I do like a
nice asparagus quiche.
British farmers – good eggs or bad eggs?
Like lots of our friends, and like more and more people around the country I
think, we always try to support British farmers and British food. Monmouthshire is
gaining a huge reputation as a foody county (with the Abergavenny Food
Festival, not to mention a growing number of excellent restaurants, including a
couple with Michelin stars), and our whole ethos is to buy local and seasonal
food wherever possible. So I’m definitely a big supporter of the best type of
British farmers. (OK, I still buy lemons from Spain…).
Guilty pleasure - Easter egg or fried egg?
Definitely Easter egg, but not one with gooey insides – yuck! Just a plain simple
chocolate egg with a high cocoa content.
Finally, if you could choose any celebrity to pop round one afternoon to do a
hen house spring clean with you, who would it be and why?!
It’s a shame that the real Gregory Peck isn’t around any more to come and visit
his namesake, our handsome rooster. A few years ago, I might have said
Nicholas Cage or Gabriel Byrne, but now I’m not so sure. Can I just try to train
my husband to do the mucking out a bit more often…?