BHWT SUPPORTERS have kindly sponsored over one thousand hens
since we introduced the scheme, which has raised valuable income for
the charity. We have now three options: one for our younger hen friends
under 16, one for the bigger hen softies, and our new schools’ pack!
used to work as a battery
hen, then one day the most
astonishing thing happened.
The man who looked after us
lifted us out of our cage and into
a van, where we were driven to
a big stable, full of soft straw
with food and water, and warm
sun beaming through the door.
Although it was a little
bewildering to be out of our
cage, it didn’t take long for us to
learn to dig and have a
dust bath. Finally ...
some free range fun.”
Sweet natured
may only
have one eye, but that doesn't
stop her enjoying herself. In
fact Patch decided to make
the very most of everything …
and why stop at enjoying life
as a hen! She made friends
with cat, Remus, German
Shepherd, Kodi, and Lurcher,
Shauna. Whilst Remus made
his rounds checking for moles
and mice, Patch tagged along
to take advantage of any tasty
bugs that came to light.
You can find out more information about sponsorship on our website: or alternatively call Lesley on 01884 860084