Did you know?
There are more chickens
than people in
the world.
The turtle lays
thousands of eggs
without anyone
knowing, but when
the hen lays an
egg, she likes to let
the whole world
Taken from a
Chinese proverb
Think about this...
Great Great Grandmothers
All chickens originate from south east Asia, a new
archaeological study has found, with Australian
scientists referring to the ancestors of the birds we
know and love as the ‘great, great grandmothers of
the chicken world’.
Chickens have been domesticated for 5,400 years
and the research shows that the same DNA was
present in bones found in 48 sites across Europe,
Thailand, the Pacific, Chile, the Dominican Republic
and Spanish colonial sites in Florida. This evidence
proved that chickens everywhere shared an ancient ancestor
who was domesticated somewhere in South East Asia a very long time ago
and dispersed across the globe as people migrated, taking their chickens
with them.