Beatrice Hearne
they love their new free
range life - it's so obvious!
Nicki Murphy
They make me smile every
time I see them running towards me!
Who needs Prozac when you have
Lesley Ann Cooper
Every girl has their
own personality, they are all special
even the naughty ones!)
Charlotte James
They remind me to be
happy no matter what life throws at you because they have experienced
the worst beginnings and are still so happy, trusting and love life.
Wilma Basset
They make me remember how important happiness and
freedom are. They make me smile and feed my soul, such happy little
hens, I love them all, they give so much for a little love and little effort.
Allen 'Ally' Gardener-Haig
Mine are the female version of The Seven
Dwarves. They have the same personalities and they greet me with just
as much enthusiasm when I walk in the door. Hi Ho, Hi Ho.....
Elizabeth Gill
Watching my featherless Attila take a dust bath with a look
in her eye that says "WOW, this is great!"; and the day that Clara
discovered cat food and lettuce were her soul mates in life, she is tiny
but if she spreads her wings whilst turning a circle no one else can eat
Lynn Maria Adams
They complete our family x
Gill Crowhurst
so funny, they think they are guard hens. every time a
bird comes into the garden they chase them out. wings a flapping and
running. really comical to watch. love my chicken
Jen Trafford
When I sit and watch my hens they put any problems i may
be having in perspective... just to be breathing fresh air, running and
flapping their wings, and free they are fulfilled and happy to be alive! ...
And so should I be!! :-))
Ian Hazlehurst
Re homing a Hen. What could be better. And every time
you’re baking, look how yellow is the batter.