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Jane Howorth
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Lisa Pope
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We’ve been asked to
reintroduce our And Finally
story, so thought we’d
give you two special hens
for the price of one this time
Santa arrived about three
weeks before Christmas,
bald, bewildered and
unable to stand; Prudence
came at the same time and
had one of the worst
prolapses I’ve ever
seen. The prognosis for
Prudence wasn’t good, but I
wanted her to enjoy
comfortable surroundings
for a few days before taking
her for what I thought would be an inevitable outcome at the local vet practice. Usually a
hen with a prolapse must be kept separate to prevent others attacking, but as Santa
couldn’t move and was therefore unable to reach Prudence, I put them together.
Santa was sweet - natured and grateful from day one, her chatter quiet and apprehensive,
she quickly accepted that bed rest helped ease the discomfort of badly bruised legs.
Prudence showed the amazing resilience I so often see in ex-bats, she lost her appetite,
but pottered about, unconcerned. After several weeks a little miracle happened and the
prolapse fell away leaving behind clean, repaired tissue which popped back into its
appropriate position, where it has remained ever since.
Santa in the meantime grew feathers, grew a big appetite and grew in confidence,
she blossomed as only ex-bats can. Likewise Prudence regained the appetite of
a turkey and the chatter now is full on and full volume!
Hear they are in their permanent retirement home, boasting new hen
house and lovely landlady who particularly enjoys catering for our
specials’. Lucky girls.
And Finally ...
Prudence and Santa