I am delighted to announce that household name, Kate Humble, famed for
and her latest project,
Volcano Live!
has become a Patron of the
British Hen Welfare Trust.
Kate, who with husband Ludo runs a farm in the beautiful Wye Valley in
Monmouthshire, first approached the charity in June 2012 to adopt some of our
Kate told us: “
When we heard about the British Hen Welfare Trust, we thought
we’d try some of their ex-battery hens; after a little bit of scrapping, pecking
and feather-pulling early on, my little flock of 20 are now all very happy
together. We just love being able to eat fresh, healthy eggs from happy free
ranging birds that we know are well cared for.”
Kate is a fantastic ambassador for the charity and we are thrilled to have her
on board as a Patron. She is a hands-on hen lover who truly believes in the aims
of our organisation, this is a great boost to our on-going educational campaign
and through Kate we will reach another new audience.