Does McDonald’s contribute towards educating the public about higher
welfare food choices?
We provide members of the public with information about our food sourcing
wherever we can.
For example, our website ‘What Makes McDonald’s’ acts as a question and
answer forum and animal welfare is often a common topic of discussion. It’s a
chance for us to spread the word about the high standards we insist on across
our entire supply chain.
Over recent years we have also had a presence at several of the major UK
Agricultural Shows and in the run up to the Olympics we ran an Open Farms
programme. This programme threw open the gates of some of the farms that
supply us to inform members of the public, farming leaders, local dignitaries and
the media about our food sourcing principles and to showcase the quality of our
How many eggs does McDonald’s use in UK restaurants per annum?
We used over 107million free-range eggs in
our breakfast menu in 2012.
What is McDonald’s most popular egg based meal?
Our most popular egg based menu item is the Sausage and Egg McMuffin.
What more do you think the British Hen Welfare Trust could do to promote free
range eggs and support British egg farmers?
We know that there are significant challenges facing the farming industry, and
British egg producers are no exception, and we also know that the exchange of
knowledge between businesses is essential to increase efficiency, encourage
innovation and improve welfare standards on farm. The British Hen Welfare Trust is
well placed to communicate key messages and transfer technical knowledge to
encourage progressiveness within the egg industry and to educate consumers.
And finally, I would love to know a little more about you and ask a couple of
personal questions. Are you a hen-lover and would you ever consider keeping
hens as pets?
I grew up on a family farm in
Wales and we always kept a
few hens in the back garden
for our own eggs. As I’m
based in London now it’s not
practical for me to keep
hens, but if I move back to
the country I would definitely
consider it.
And what is your favourite
non McDonald’s!) egg dish?
Poached egg on toast!