Over the past couple of years we have seen a massive uptake in households
keeping chickens and in particular the adoption of ex commercial laying hens as
domestic pets, with this now becoming one of the fastest growth sectors in the
pet industry.
One of the key organisations behind this growth is the British Hen Welfare Trust,
who actively promotes the keeping and care of chickens and are now re-homing
in excess of 60,000 hens each year.
Unipet International Limited based in Sittingbourne, Kent is one of the most
recent companies to join forces with the BHWT and has agreed to make regular
donations to this hard-working charity. As part of this new collaboration, Unipet
has been able to perfect and gain the endorsement of the BHWT for its new range
of Hentastic chicken treats and feeders, specifically aimed at this ever-growing
Unipet’s Managing Director Andrew Ball commented “Unipet is very pleased and
excited about the prospect of working in partnership with such a well-respected
charity as the BHWT, and fully supports any efforts to avoid the needless
destruction of ex-working hens. These lovable animals deserve the right to at
least a few years of enjoyable retirement and make a fantastic pet for any family.”
As chickens are now being kept by families in their own back gardens, Unipet has
also seen the need for further hygiene and bacteria controls, so has worked in
conjunction with Biomaster to incorporate
their Silver Ion, Antimicrobial technology
into its Hentastic Foraging Pellet Feeder
and Hydration Station. This antimicrobial
protection kills 99.9% of bacteria upon
contact and is 100% effective for the
entire life of the product. This offers
peace of mind that family members will be
protected against infection from such
organisms as E-Coli, Salmonella,
Campylobacter and MRSI plus at least 50
other forms of bacteria.
Most local independent retailers and
garden centres now stock an ever-
increasing range of chicken related
products, with specialist website retailers
such as
making the care of your pet chicken even
easier and more convenient.