Bob and Helen Kingery
only started keeping their own commercial free range
flock five years ago, but that didn’t stop them lifting the title of Producer of the
Year 2012 at the British Free Range Egg Producer’s Association Free Range
Bob used to work for the Bernard Matthews brand, but after inheriting some
land he and Helen decided to set up their own free range unit.
They have 14,000 free range hens which range on their 25 acre farm in
Wrentham, near Beccles in Suffolk and Bob sticks to some golden rules that
form the core values at his farm. For instance ensuring the birds keep an
above average weight and to achieve this he closely monitors their general
wellbeing, a key factor in maintaining good weight levels, with regular visual
They all live in one Freedom Food approved unit and have access to 24
separate grass paddocks which are electric fenced to keep predators out. The
paddocks are used in a monthly rotation, four at a time, to allow the grass to
recover, meaning each paddock is only used for two months of the year,
keeping it all nice and fresh.
Bob is a great believer in attention to detail and if he spots anything untoward
he ramps up the visual inspections and will use additional vitamins to restore
full health. His golden rules work well as he has consistently achieved better
than average performance from his hens … that may be good for his bank
balance, but it’s also hugely important for the welfare and wellbeing of his
Congratulations from the BHWT to Bob & Helen on your recent Award.