In the last edition of
Chicken & Egg
magazine, we told you what
rigours we put our Co-ordinators through before accepting them as
part of our lovely legion of chicken champions. Think military
precision (without the shouty stuff)!
You’d think after they’d served a few years, saved a few thousand lives that they would
be glad of an excuse to say tatty bye, tired and worn out now, whilst feeling a warm glow
knowing they’d done their bit. But it would seem that we need as robust a set of criteria
to actually retire our wonderful, kind, committed, tireless volunteers as we do to recruit
new ones.
Why? Well here’s just a few reasons that recently made us laugh in the office, in the
nicest possible way:
Firstly there’s Perrin and
Corinne Carey – ex Isle of
Wight Co-ordinators, retired
recently after helping for five
years and waving over 5,600
hens off to their free range
retirement homes. New
Co-ordinators, husband and
wife solicitors Linda and
Roger Merry, stepped up to
the mark. Sadly we lacked
transportation for the girls on
a recent hen collection in
April. As soon as the news
reached Perrin, he filled his
tank with fuel, loaded the
trailer and booked a ferry
ticket – another early rise
resulted in 300 hens
spending the rest of their
lives happily on the Isle of
Thank you