Then there’s the lovely Fi Gibson, ex Dorset Co-ordinator, with the charity for 5 years,
over 10,000 hens packed off with their little knapsacks filled with sound advice and good
luck; Fi had to retire due to other commitments, but couldn’t quite bring herself to let go
completely … and we simply loved it when she offered to help the new team get up and
running … and then offered to help care for our occasional poorlies. They just get under
your skin, these little brown feathery things don’t you know.
And there’s Andy and Ali in Norfolk, life had just got too busy (as it does), they wanted to
hand over the reins, so we put out the invitation for new Co-ordinators to get in touch.
But Andy couldn’t quite bring himself to hand over the BHWT trailer … just in case more
hens came out before the new team was set up! Did we appreciate that? Not ‘arf, and
more hens did come out as a result. Thanks a million Andy & Ali.
Conclusion? SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE helping
many hens,
are SO lucky
And I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every
one of our brilliant volunteers for all the blood, sweat and tears
they contribute to making sure all our BHWT hens enjoy a
precious second chance in life.