Our Oxfordshire team is relatively new, having been set up in March 2012. They home
hens from Willow Farm stables in Chilton, kindly made available to us by animal lover and
volunteer, Ingrid Smith. Lucia Singer, aka Lucy, heads up the team. At 42, Lucy lives with
her scientist and hen-friendly husband, David and as well as being chicken crazy, Lucy is
passionate about rabbits and keen to take any opportunity to highlight better husbandry for
bunnies which are so often stuck down the bottom of the garden.
This is what she told us: “Rabbits suffer enormously from ignorance. Very few people are
deliberately cruel, but they unwittingly keep active, social rabbits in tiny hutches in solitary
confinement because that is the way it's always been done. Rabbits kept in this way have
no chance to express their personalities, so people think they are boring pets. Because
their suffering is silent, kind people who would never be deliberately cruel don't recognise
they could greatly enhance the quality of their rabbit’s life."
Lucy suggested we point anyone interested in keeping bunnies to the Rabbit Welfare
Association's website at
. There is a wealth of information
tucked in there.
I’ve just remembered our South Wales Co-ordinator, also Lucy, keeps free ranging
rabbits and previous Kent Co-ordinator, Rebecca Ross, kept house bunnies … I shall put
them all in touch for some future rabbiting.
BHWT Oxford
Simon, Alison, Fiona, Karen, Mim
Chris, Lucia, Ingrid, Zena