Since she began, Lucy has helped over 1,650 hens, but of course, she couldn’t do that
without the support and energy of her large, enthusiastic and efficient team. The team
splits into two groups: early shift and late shift, all taking on different roles, but without
doubt, Jo, Simon, Damaris, Fiona, Zena, Bill, Barbara, Eleanor, Chris, Mim, Janet, Alec,
David, Vanessa, Lorraine, Karen, Ingrid, Alison and Marie
contribute to making the
day a success.
This is what Janet said about volunteering for the charity: “I have volunteered for other
animal welfare organisations in the past and you only get to see one piece of the jigsaw
and often no animal contact at all. With the BHWT, you can do everything from farm
collection to the unloading of the crates at the re-homing point and handing over the lucky
birds to their lovely new owners. Between these two points lie jobs for every talent, some
more pleasant than others, but all right there, amongst the birds. You can even take
some home yourself at the end of the day and watch as even the smallest blossoms into
a confident, full-feathered free-ranger. Why wouldn't you do it?”
And volunteer Lorraine wanted to add: “I don’t know who looks the happiest or most
excited – the hens on their new-found freedom or the adopters going home with their new
arrivals. Either way, it makes being a volunteer for the BHWT so rewarding!”
Multiply the above team by thirty and that is what we have around the country, lots of
compassionate, passionate people with a common aim, and all happy to donate their time
and energy to help give laying hens a free range retirement.
Lucky aren’t we?!
Marie, Lorraine, Richard, Vanessa, Barbara
David, Alec, Ingrid, Simon