The British Hen Welfare Trust— mother hen or cock of the roost?
I think you can probably tell from my answers so far.. I think chickens should be
more respected than they are. Thy give us so much – they feed us with eggs, and
their bodies sometimes. They clear the garden of slugs. They’re funny to watch, and
make great pets – they are all round a fabulous thing! Anyone who has been to a
County Show will tell you that the poultry tent is the best tent ever – it’s wonderful to
see all the different breeds. I think hens are very important. The British Hen Welfare
trust is gold star!
Home-made bake - gooey gateau or cheesy quiche?
I do like a cake but I’m not a very good baker. Luckily my husband Sam is a
fantastic baker – but to be honest, whatever he cooks with eggs is fab! He makes
an amazing recipe where he uses a whole, empty egg shell and puts meringue
inside with lemon curd in the middle so when you open it up it looks like a soft
boiled egg with the yolk. Meringues are brilliant for using up eggs and Sam also
does a lovely chocolate mousse and lemon meringue eggs. I will give you the
British farmers – good eggs or bad eggs?
British farmers and great eggs - the best eggs! I hugely support British farmers. We
live in farmland, are surrounded by farmers and are passionate about farming. I’m
very proud of our farming traditions and some of our best friends are farmers. It
makes me so proud.
Guilty pleasure - Creme egg or fried egg?
Fried egg definitely.
And finally – we love the coincidence that your husband Sam’s surname is
Farmer! Have you always dreamed of living on a farm or did it become a necessity
when you married a ‘Farmer’?!
It was after I met Sam that I got the chickens, so maybe in a subconscious way –
I’m not sure! But I’m always telling people to get chickens – they are so easy!