Your letters
Thought I'd send you a few snaps of
the girls I've had from you over the
last couple of years so you can see
how they are doing. They are very
happy and healthy and an absolute
pleasure to home. Each of them has
their own cheeky little character,
they follow me around the garden,
and the house!
And they are keeping us stocked with
the most delicious tasty eggs I have
ever had.
Look forward to homing more soon!
Helen Jacobs - Bristol
Dear Wendy
Thank you for checking that we are settling in
well. Our new human seems very pleased
with us so far - lots of lovely eggs and we are
behaving ourselves. We did need a little en-
couragement to get to bed on the first cou-
ple of nights until she realised that perhaps
we are not used to the dark. She noticed
that when she shone a torch into the run we
would follow the light - a great game for us
despite it getting rather cold and very dark!
Being only human it took her a little while to
realise that if she put the torch inside our house we would go straight in, then
she could take the torch away and know we were safely tucked up for the
By last night we decided to be kind and get to bed before the 'torch
game'. Didn't realise humans were so easy to train.
Hope all our old friends are doing just as well in their new homes,
Best wishes , The Hope Cottage Hens