We wanted to show you this
lovely cake made by Pam
Waterworth on the 12 month
Heniversary’ of having her hens.
Hi there
I just wanted to tell you what a lovely experience it's been getting our first
ever hens from you. Watching the change in them in these first 2 weeks has
been both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. To see them
discover the outdoors, sunlight, rain, soil and grass which should just be
normal to them. One found her first slug and did 3 victory laps of the garden! I
wanted to let you know I really respect and appreciate what you do, and
that rehoming these birds from you has really strengthened my views on
striving to buy free range, whether it be eggs or any kind of meat.
Liz Whitaker
Pam told us the attached
picture shows Flora when she first
arrived and a year later at the
heniversary party.
Thanks Pam!