Did you know?
An adult male chicken is
called a rooster or cock. An
adult female chicken is called
a hen. An immature male
chicken is called a cockerel
and an immature female
chicken a pullet. And a chick is a
newly hatched chicken!
Confused? Yep thought so, well
you could just refer to them as your
lovely feathered friends, much easier!
Eggs as Hard as Nails?
If you want to keep right
on trend, here’s the latest
in cool nail varnish.
Apparently the look was
inspired by the irregular
markings on bird eggs and
the polish is easy to apply.
The tiny black sequins
paint on smoothly and the
polish dries to matte.
Apply a topcoat for a shiny
finish. The varnish is available in five shades and
lasts well according to trials. £14.50 per bottle at