June Facebook Star
Laura Ashworth’s Ginger, sitting pretty in the spring bulbs.
We’ve brought back our Gallery of Spoilt Hens on the BHWT website. Why?
Because we know you like to see how happy your BHWT girls are in their new
homes, you can see them here
The gallery will be updated regularly, so that means we need your happy chick
pics please! By uploading your photographs you will be automatically entered
into our Stars of the Month competition. You can upload chick pics on the link
Each month, the team at Hen Central will select three ‘winners’ from the lovelies
you send us to feature as our Stars for the Month, one on Facebook and one on
Twitter. We will also select a caption competition winner. All winning photos and
captions will appear on our website and be given the glossy treatment in our
Chicken & Egg
The best of the rest of the fab flock you send us, of course, will pop up in the
for you to coo over each month.