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And Finally ...
Blossom lives with Hazel and
Derek Rustell and this picture
illustrates better than any
words just how life took a turn
for the better when Blossom
became part of the Rustell
family. Dust bathing with the
family - bliss!
She was adopted in December
and was initially nervous,
screaming if anyone tried to
touch her; other hens would
delight in pecking her comb
and keeping her away from her
However, things settled and in May, Blossom went broody! Despite their best efforts to
persuade Blossom to enjoy her free range retirement and not take on the responsibilities
of a young family, after a month of coping with a frustrated hen they presented Blossom
with her own nest box and two freshly fertilised eggs. Oh joy, what a happy chicken!
Three weeks later, two tiny chicks appeared and Blossom became an overnight perfect
parent taking pride in her tiny free range flock.
However, after about eight weeks Derek found one of the chicks tapping excitedly at the
back-door, it led Hazel & Derek to where Blossom sat in the nest box. Hazel picked
Blossom up and put her on the lawn and holding out corn illustrated that Blossom was
having problems with her vision. A few minutes later she collapsed in a heap. Blossom
appeared blind and paralysed down her left side. Blossom had had a stroke.
Not one to give up, Blossom spent the next month being hand-fed from a syringe and
taking up residence on an old arm chair in the Rustell lounge. Despite her woes she
remained chirpy and enjoyed listening to Classic FM. After a few weeks she
was able to feed herself and several months later she started walking
again. Now Blossom spends most of her day happily bumping into
things in the garden, occasionally popping in to pay a visit and watch
a bit of breakfast TV.