Find the Golden Egg!
Pippa Bowerman won the Spring Golden Egg competition and we sent her a BHWT
Supporter’s pack to enjoy.
See if you can find the Golden Egg nestling somewhere in this issue.
If you spot it,
send us an email entitled Golden Egg to
or write
to Competitions
British Hen Welfare Trust,
Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton,
Devon EX36 4RF telling us which page the Golden Egg is on and we will send his
and hers British Hen Welfare Trust baseball caps to one randomly selected lucky
winner. Closing date 26
July 2013
Are they or aren’t they?
We hear ova and ova again (oops, did I write that?!) that eggs
are good for you, and the latest research shows more good news in that
egg whites can lower your blood pressure. Researchers in China have found a
peptide in egg white that has the same effect as Captopril, a high blood pressure drug.
So instead of tearing your hair out next time you’re stressed, tuck into a skinny omelette
and stroke your hens … far better for your health! Later we have the definitive answer
to another conundrum ‘do they, don’t they’ … read more on page 21.
Doing Bird …
is the latest book from Martin Gurdon, freelance
journalist, author and editor, who specialises in motoring. Martin has written for the
Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph and Classic Cars magazines amongst many
others and appeared on radio and TV programmes, including Top Gear. The
non-automotive Martin shares his garden with chickens, doves and ducks; he is a
regular contributor to
agazine, and blogs on the
ebsite. And Martin has now written about a year in the life of
his garden and its animal and human inhabitants. The book is published at £8.99 by
Constable & Robinson, but we have 10 copies to give away in our competition this
To enter, send an email entitled ‘Doing Bird’ to
or write to
Competitions, British Hen Welfare Trust, Hope Chapel, Rose
Ash, South Molton, Devon EX36 4RF, completing the
following sentence:
The best thing about my hens is ........“
The team here will select the best entries and send you a
copy of ‘Doing Bird’. The closing date is 26
July 2013 and
we will announce the winners in the August edition of Fresh
Laid News Bulletin and Autumn/Winter
Chicken & Egg
And finally, congratulations to winners
Lynn Spencer, Karen
Hall, Paul Burke, Yvette Breacher, Helen Ely and Mark
Jarman who all won copies of 'The best things in life are
free' from our Spring edition.