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Just a few of our FAB Fundraisers...
We were delighted to meet
Nick Browning
and his wife,
when they came along to Hope Chapel recently to present a cheque
for £200 raised through sales of Nick’s book – Nick Chick and the
Cluckster Clan, a little compilation of chicken tales.
Nick, a retired policeman, had no previous interest in animals, but sought a solution to clearing
weeds in his garden. Rather than using a fork and spade, he decided hens were just what he
needed. Having always held a soft spot for battery hens, Nick made up his mind to give a home to
some of our retired girls.
And to cut a long story short, Nick has gone from indifferent to passionate about hens! So much so
that he wrote the book about his experience, creating a community feel by introducing friends in
his local village together with his neighbour, 9yr old Kai Powell, who illustrated the front
cover. You can now purchase Nick’s book on Amazon, priced £4.50 plus £1.50 P & P; he kindly
donates £1 for every copy sold to help more girls come out of their cages.
We love weird and wonderful fundraising at the
BHWT and our very own Lancashire coordinator,
Sophie McCoy
fell into that category when she
faced her fear of heights in August to abseil down the
national lift tower in Northampton. The tower scales
m (418ft) and is the tallest permanent abseil tower
in the world! We are extremely
proud of Sophie for taking that
step over the edge! Sophie has
been raising funds for the BHWT
for years along with re-homing
thousands of hens; she’s now
added £615 from her death -
defying feat bringing her total
raised to £7,976.40. Thank you
Sophie for being so brilliant,
and so brave.
Adrian & Nicole
just love seeing their BHWT
hens running around their paddock, and wanted to do
something to help more hens. So we were incredibly
touched when they told us they were asking guests at
their recent wedding for donations to the BHWT
rather than presents. Mr & Mrs Doyle had a
wonderful wedding day and through their kind
gesture raised an astonishing £900. We are deeply
grateful to both them and their generous guests.
Victoria Ingamells
Tula Dyer
ran this
year’s BUPA 10k run in London
for the charity, and between them
they raised a massive £1,445! Go
girls! All three were extremely
proud of their achievement and we
want to say: Thank you all so
much … same again next year?!