How do you see the future of poultry
farming in the UK?
UK poultry farming is a stand-alone industry
which does not receive government subsidies.
Consumers need to be clearly informed of when
and how their eggs are produced. Britain has
the highest welfare standards, but our biggest
threat will be imports from other EU states
which do not follow EU legislation, or have a
defined traceability chain to ensure safe eggs.
The food scares in recent times underline the
importance of buying “British”.
And finally, a couple of light - hearted
questions – Pearl, you work with the hens
every day, do you have any favourites?
No individual favourites but have a clear
preference for the higher welfare within the
Colony system.
Do you keep pet hens at home and what is
your favourite dish made with eggs?
Have no pet hens at home as they are a potential
disease risk; hard-boiled egg sandwich!
Oaklands invests in the education of young
people – why do you encourage them to
choose poultry farming as a career?
The poultry industry offers an opportunity to
anyone wishing to become involved in hen
welfare and stockmanship. Looking after hens
requires a passion for working with animals and
caring for their needs which can involve extra
hours and getting dirty. This does not appeal to
everyone but not everyone can become a
dedicated stock person, they are special
Do illegal imports damage the UK egg
industry in your view and do you think
improved labelling could help protect British
farmers from such imports?
Illegal imports of any product will hurt and
damage UK production. All our eggs are clearly
stamped with the Red Lion from the British Egg
Industry Council which assures consumers they
are safe to eat and are produced from an
independently audited assurance farm. Sometimes
too much legislation causes more confusion.
Look for the Lion for welfare high quality.
Do you think consumers have the right to
know what type of eggs go into processed
foods i.e. British free range/French colony etc?
If so, would you support improved labelling?
Consumers have a comprehensive choice of shell
eggs and where they are produced. They also
should be aware of where eggs are sourced from
and their production method.