There will be lots information about the eggs, nutrition and other facts and
figures about free range eggs," said Keith. "We will also explain how consumers
can check to make sure the eggs they are buying are free range, and we have lots
of well-known chefs who have kindly offered different recipe ideas using free
range eggs," he said.
There are also educational resources through the site which can be used by
teachers in school lessons.
The activity will be promoted in newspaper advertising and on posters, banners,
bags and leaflets, even an app will eventually be developed for i-phones and
Another contributor to the Love Free Range Eggs initiative is Humphrey Feeds and
Martin Humphrey said: "A lot of people seem to think that there are no longer any
cages, but obviously there are. Hopefully this initiative will show the point of
difference for free range. Anything that raises the profile of free range eggs is
good, and we were more than happy to support this initiative. It is good to see
someone doing something positive."
BFREPA says that every penny contributed to the fund will be spent on the
campaign to promote free range eggs.
Visit the website at
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