avoiding the cracks!]
Surely one of life’s simplest pleasures …
if you get it right!
Too runny and you get
raw egg white flooding onto your plate rendering soldiers too soggy to dip; too
hard and you miss out on all that sublime goo. There are a simple few points to
Don’t boil eggs straight from the fridge, cold eggs plunged into hot water will
The wider end of the egg has an air pocket, making a pinprick in the rounded
end allows steam to escape preventing
Use a small saucepan to stop your eggs crashing around … and
Place the eggs in simmering water, if it’s fast bubbling you’ll get those darned
Always use a timer, it’s
easy to forget when you started the boil … leave
them in too long they’ll be hard boiled, longer and you’ll have black yolks
with the texture of rubber …. yuck.
If the eggs are less than 4 days old, add 30 seconds to these timings for
medium size:
minutes for a soft, liquid yolk and wobbly but set white
minutes for a firmer, creamier yolk with a fully set white
you could use the advice given by author Seb Emina, in his new
Breakfast Bible
which recommends cooking them to the sound of music:
Hard boiled rules
There’s one main rule to remember: never use a fresh egg, it
needs to be over 5 days old.
Place the eggs in cold water, bring to a gentle simmer and then set the timer for 7
minutes depending on size and how firm you like your eggs. Once cooked
plunge into cold water and refresh the water to cool the eggs rapidly.
If your hard-boiled egg is too fresh, and you want to peel it to eat it, all I can say is
good luck! We reckon Chris Evans (who has some of our ex-bats, and therefore
plenty of eggs) gave out the best advice recently on his radio show on how to
peel a boiled egg, and it works:
Roll your egg on a hard surface with the palm of
your hand, the shell comes off easily, almost in one piece.
And finally
if you’re too dippy to boil your
own egg (surely not?), you can try
Soft boiled
Dear Prudence
by the Beatles or Madonna’s
Express Yourself.
Medium boiled
apparently Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is just right
Hard boiled
you need Meatloaf’s
I Would Do Anything for Love