We are well aware that pregnant women, along with the young, elderly and anyone with
weak immune systems should steer clear of eating raw or lightly cooked eggs. But, so
long as you stick to a few basic rules, it is absolutely fine to eat eggs when pregnant and
there’s a growing amount of evidence suggesting eggs make ideal nourishment for both
mum and infant.
Dietician and mum of two, Dr Carrie Ruxton, explained in a recent article that feeding
eggs to infants provides a broad range of nutrients, essential for healthy growth and
Egg allergy, a common concern for new mums, affects less than 2.5% of infants, and is
usually outgrown by the time toddlers go to school.
Dr Ruxton advises the introduction to eggs is made at six months, once babies are taking
solids. In fact delaying their introduction could increase the allergy risk.
And what a wonderful start in life – feeding someone so pure, something so pure.
I wonder if Prince George has tasted one of the eggs laid by Grandpa’s hens yet?