Our political lobbyist, Dave Neale,
recently increased his flock when his wife
Amanda, also a BHWT volunteer, gave
birth to Wilf on 26
Dave and Amanda have helped our
Cornwall team since 2009 and having
recently moved northwards, are keen to
get their hands on hens in the Yorkshire
It’s not just the Royals who’ve been busy in the
hatchery business … there’s been new chicks for the
charity too. All new chicks arriving receive a BHWT
baby grow … seems only right, and we’ve sent a
Leanne Osborne, who volunteered for
Surrey and Berkshire until recently, was
helped through her labour by Helen, who
just happens to be the daughter of our
Jules (she who looks after the charity
coffers), small world! Leanne became a
Mother Hen to Millie Rose on 25
July …
making me a Great Aunt Jane. That
makes me sound scary and old, ‘nough
said. Cute though eh?
Kent Co-ordinator, Karon McCarthy-Sadd, was
determined her sparkly new daughter would not
prevent her form doing a hen collection; due on 28th
May Karon helped oversee a hen collection on 2nd
June with Evelyn - Jane doing her bit and finally
hatching on 10th June, and doesn't she look
Left: Evelyn McCarthy - Sadd)