Favourite eggy brekkie - full English or dainty egg soldiers?
I don't care what eggs I eat, they have to be beautifully freshly laid and
are always nice, but if I had to pick, then soft-boiled eggs - with soldiers!
The British Hen Welfare Trust- mother hen or cock of the roost?
I need no more explanation of how good a job the BHWT does when I saw
our chickens starting to dig in our garden for the first time. If a beak could
smile I'm sure theirs did! I am not daft enough to believe that all chickens
could be kept like this but I think there are better ways than cages.
Weekend bake - gooey gateau or cheesy quiche?
The best thing we cook with the eggs is Mum’s lemon curd, it’s gorgeous
and the colour is so vibrant - it just shouts EAT ME!! My mother is a great
cake maker and bakes for Dad, friends and family; we can all tell the
difference between shop bought and those made with our eggs!
British farmers - good eggs or bad eggs?
I try to support British farmers, I try to support British in general; not only the
farming produce that we export but also things like Scottish shellfish, the
majority going to Spain. I want to tell people to get to markets, farmers
markets and fish markets. Doncaster, my home town, has one of the
biggest markets offering a huge selection of produce, the majority of
which is British.
Favourite type of 'birdie' - golf or hen?!
Both!!! I love coming home to the chicks as they make me smile and
actually look happy to be around us but golfing birdies are always useful
for my job!! :)
Finally, what's your favourite way to relax - the club house or the hen
The hen house! :) Sitting looking at the garden with Little Guy on my knee,
having her fall asleep looking to-
tally content and happy makes my
day. I love watching them have a
dust bath, a peck of grass and
then sunbathe.